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Tread Separation

The tires on your car are meant to function effectively in changing driving conditions for tens of thousands of miles before wearing down, and they should wear down slowly and evenly. Tire damage can be minor, such as a simple flat, but in some cases, it can entail a sudden, unexpected total failure, leaving the driver with decreased control over the vehicle and little time to correct the problem before an accident occurs.

Tread separation tends to fall into the latter category, and can happen at any time regardless of how careful you are in maintaining your tires. As the vast majority of tread separation accidents are a result of the negligence of an outside party, it is often possible to seek compensation for an injury sustained in such an accident.

How Tread Separation Occurs

Tires are constructed of layers of material, and held together by special manufacturing processes that combine multiple parts into one contiguous whole. When these bindings fail, the layers of the tire can come apart, destroying the tire in the process. The following are common causes of this phenomenon:

  • Flaws in the design
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Sub-par repair efforts

When tire treads come apart, the resulting accidents can leave victims with serious injuries.

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