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Texting Towards Tragedy

The number of driving distractions masquerading as technological advances today is staggering. Long gone are the days when having a radio in the car was a hotly debated topic in regards to safety. Today drivers are scrolling through MP3 players in search of the perfect driving tune, getting into emotional brawls on their cell phones and most recently opening their phones and sending text messages to friends.

Tragically, text messaging is perhaps the most dangerous of all these technological distractions.

Why Texting is so Dangerous

Anything that takes your mind off the road is a driving hazard, but the act of texting results in more than just the absence of your mind. Texting while driving results in:

  • A lack of mental focus: similar to talking on the cell phone, texting engages the driver in conversation with someone not in the car. While texting, mental focus moves away from the road and onto the conversation.
  • An additional degree of mental distraction: many texters are concerned with the appearance of the text. While a cell phone call only requires vocal conversation, in order to text a feeling or thought across, texters often insert emoticons or additional descriptive text.
  • Loss of physical motion: texting requires the use of both hands. This is an incredible feat to perform while driving, and the inherent dangers in doing so should be obvious to just about any driver.

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