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Livestock and Car Collisions

Although fairly innocuous in person, the cud-chewing cow can become an instant killing machine when it wanders away from its designated pasture for a new road-side grazing spot. Cows, horses and goats are among the biggest hazards of country driving.

Country roads are often badly paved, poorly lit and contain many sharp turns. Drivers often like to speed down country roads as there are not as many drivers on them and police who might ticket them if caught are few and far between. But speeding drivers should be much more wary of loose livestock than a police man or woman.

While making one of the sharp country road turns, the driver may run smack into a cow or other large animal without any time to even slam on the brakes. Hitting a cow at a fast speed can cause severe injury including decapitation if the animal is hit head-on and flies through the windshield.

Responsibility for Livestock Hazards

Even smaller ranching animals such as pigs and chickens can be a hazard. The weight/height ratio of the pig can even cause a vehicle to flip. Every animal on a farm or ranch needs to be in its appropriately fenced area unless the area is designated as “open range.” If a farmer or rancher allows one of his or her animals to escape and the animal later causes a collision, he or she can be held liable for damages.

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