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Hands Free Cell Phone Use and Driver Safety

Each year more models of automobiles are released to the public featuring Bluetooth or other technology that enables drivers to talk on their cell phones without requiring that they use their hands. While carmakers are quick to expound the safety benefits of this, studies have not supported the premise that a hands free phone is safer than a hand held one.

In reality, driver safety is impaired by engaging in a conversation far more than physically manipulating a cell phone. This means that the safety benefits of hands free devices are insignificant.

Research Data

Exhaustive research by traffic scientists has demonstrated time and again that having a conversation via a hands free device is just as dangerous as using a conventional hand held device for the conversation. The data indicates that:

  • During a cell phone call and for ten minutes afterward, drivers become an incredible four times more likely to get into a wreck.
  • Intoxicated drivers are actually safer in some respects than drivers on the phone, reacting 18% faster to cars braking in front of them.
  • Activity in the parietal lobe of the brain, an area which shows great activity under normal driving conditions, decreases by almost 40% when the language centers are used while driving.
  • A driver focused exclusively on driving is 50% less likely to drift onto the shoulder than one simultaneously involved in listening activities.

The perception that hands free devices offer a safe way to have cell phone conversations while driving is essentially an illusion.

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