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5 Tips to Reduce Road Rage

As drivers, very few of us have not been guilty of road rage. The feeling of retribution that comes with road rage may be satisfying, but motorists should not forget that it is an ultimately futile—and even detrimental—practice. Unfortunately, this angry behavior can be distracting, which may result in accidents and other dangerous mishaps.

If you have been hurt by a driver with road rage, you may be entitled to compensation. In the aftermath of an accident, it is helpful to have a trustworthy legal guide. A qualified Green Bay auto accident attorney of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. possesses the knowledge and experience you need during this time of hardship. Contact our team at 800-242-2874.

Ways to Reduce Road Rage

Road rage can strike anyone at any moment, but its ubiquity does not make it an acceptable driving practice. Below are five tricks drivers can employ to calm down when they become on the road:

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, fatigue contributes to road rage.
  2. Add 10 minutes to your anticipated travel time. Planning ahead for traffic and other unexpected impediments on the road will allow you to drive in a calmer frame of mind.
  3. To establish a peaceful mood, listen to tranquil music genres such as jazz or classical instead of loud, aggressive tunes.
  4. Relax, take a deep breath, and loosen your grip on the steering wheel to help you move past road rage.
  5. Use your imagination. For instance, if someone cuts you off, try to use empathy and imagine what the driver might be going through to commit such a rude act. Maybe the person is late to an important appointment or is rushing his sick kid to the hospital.

Frustratingly, sometimes angry drivers let their road rage control their thinking, which can contribute to reckless driving and subsequent accidents.

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